As well as the D5, the Japanese company have also announced a new Nikon action camera, the Nikon KeyMission 360.

With the whole of CES 2016 seemingly geared toward 360 degree video for virtual reality headsets we are falling over 360 cameras, but I’m not sure anyone really saw the new Nikon action camera coming.

Called the Nikon KeyMission 360, the new Nikon action camera is capable of recording true 360 video footage at a 4K UHD resolution. It features a fisheye lens and camera on opposite sides of its small body, and the images from either side of the camera are then combined in to one images to create a very high definition 360 video.

Nikon Keymissio

As if this wasn’t enough, the camera is waterproof to a depth of 30m without requiring any housing, and it also has a tough rugged exterior so can withstand bumps and knocks, as well as low temperatures. The KeyMission 360 will also feature electronic vibration reduction. It is clearly designed for the outdoor extreme sports market and will obviously go head to head with GoPro in this field.

However, Nikon doesn’t look like it is stopping there with the action camera market, with the press release stating that the KeyMission 360 is the first in a range of Nikon Action cameras and accessories that will be released this Spring, so expect a few more models in the line-up.

We will be updating this page with more details, photo and video as we get more information.