The company has deepened its hold in the virtual reality segment with the latest release

Samsung has announced its new 360-degree virtual reality camera – the Samsung 360 Round.

The 17-lens camera can live stream 4K and 3D footage at 30 fps (per eye), record spatial audio and take photos.

Samsung said that the camera has been developed due to the growth of 360-degree content platforms on social media, like Facebook and YouTube. Other companies have also been expanding their virtual reality ranges with the GoPro Fusion and Acer’s Holo360 recently announced.

However, the launch also comes after Nokia announced the halt in production of its high-end OZO virtual reality camera indefinitely, citing slow market growth.

The electronics manufacturer is hoping to take an edge in the virtual reality market with a claimed reasonable cost compared to some of its competitors. Only the US retail price has been announced so far at $10,500.

In terms of features, the company claims the model will be durable, offering water and dust resistance for everyday weather. It will also attempt to remove the excess noise that sometimes plagues 360-degree cameras with its compact size.

The Samsung 360 Round will be available in October in the United States before expanding to other markets over time. Check out the website for more information.

The full proposed specifications are included below.

Camera 17 cameras with:
– 1/2.8’’, 2M image sensor
– F1.8 Lens
Audio – 6 internal microphones for spatial audio
– 2 external microphone ports supported
Video Resolution:
– Livestreaming (3D): 4096 x 2048 at 30fps per eye
– Livestreaming (2D): 4096 x 2048 at 30fps
– Recording (3D): 4096 x 2048 at 30fps per eye
– Recording (2D): 4096 x 2048 at 30fps
MP4 (H.265/ H.264)
3D: 4k x 2k per eye / 2D: 4k x 2k
Internal: LPDDR3 10GB, eMMC 40GB
External: UHS-II SD Card (up to 256GB), SSD (up to 2TB)
Connectivity LAN, USB Type-C
Sensors Gyrometer and Accelerometer
Power 19V 2.1A Power input (with AC adaptor)
PC Software Requirements 2 PC software (for Camera Control / Streaming, Content Viewing)
For Post Processing:
– Windows 10
– 64-bit OS for 4K video editing
– 16 GB DDR4 RAM 2ea or more
– 850W power
– Intel Core i7-6700K or above
– GPU NVIDIA GTX 1080 x 1ea
For Preview and Live Broadcast (as above):
– Intel Core i7-6950X or above
– 32GB DDR4 RAM 2ea or more
– GPU NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti x 2ea
Dimension 205 x 205 x 76.8mm, 1.93kg
Features IP65 Dust and Water resistance