Parrot has announced the new Bebop 2 Power with an increased flight time of 30 minutes


Dronemaker Parrot has just announced a new Bebop drone in a market that has become increasingly dominated by DJI.

One of the biggest selling points of the new model is the increased flight time, which improves from 25 minutes to 30 minutes to give filmmakers a little bit more room to capture their perfect shot.

Drones are fast becoming an essential part of the filmmaking process as they allow you to capture some stunning aerial shots. Hollywood has even started to make them a central tool with Ai Weiwei’s latest documentary, Human Flow, using them throughout.

We’ve rounded up some of the features of the latest model.

New Parrot Bebop drone: Affordability

We featured the original Bebop in our list of five of the best filmmaking drones because of its affordability and lightweight framework.

These benefits seem to have been transferred over to the new Bebop 2 Power drone with Parrot claiming it weighs 525g, meaning it retains its agility. While the price tag is higher than the previous version with a retail of £629, the Parrot remains an affordable option among it’s competitors.

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New Parrot Bebop drone: What about the camera?

Bebop drone

Credit: Parrot

When it comes to filming, Parrot has added in a number of features to make filmmaking easier. New modes for the drone allow it to film shots like tornadoes alongside 360-degree video.

However, one sticking point is that the video quality itself has not been improved. The drone matches previous version by allowing full HD filming at 30fps. This will still let you capture impressive shots but the lack of 4K could become more noticeable in the crowded drone market.

If you’re new to the drone filmmaking market and can’t afford the higher prices that Parrot’s competitors offer, then this could be a good option for you.

The new Parrot Bebop drone is available now for £629 on their website.

Remember to check out the UK drone laws before you take flight with your new drone.