Videographers and vloggers will rejoice at the new firmware update this September


Panasonic has just announced a comprehensive update for its LUMIX DC-GH5 full of new features to help make shooting easier.

The camera’s ability to shoot 4K 60fps video made it a firm favourite among filmmakers after its release earlier this year and the new update is set to improve on any existing issues.

The Video Mode took a look at some of the new features on the firmware update version 2.0 and what they mean for you and your shoots.

Improved video auto focus

This feature is sure to be music to the ears of vloggers whose professional camera work can quickly be spoiled with blurry video. Panasonic’s update promises to improve tracking auto focus performance in video recording, which will hopefully keep your videos looking sharp and clear.

4K HDR mode

Panasonic has also announced a new 4K HDR mode to help capture all the detail of even the darkest and brightest parts of your shot. Panasonic hopes this will make footage replicate the human eye as closely as possible.

GHS tethered shooting

Commercial shoots will be made that much easier with the announcement that the new update is compatible with GH5 tethered shooting via USB. This allows you to hook up your camera to a PC so you can control it on a larger screen while shooting. Controlling how your footage looks as you go along will help prevent any nasty surprises in the editing room.

The jam-packed update also includes 4K ALL-Intra video recording, white balance setting correction and more wireless functions.

It is scheduled for release by Panasonic by the end of September and you can check out the full details on their website.