Flexible video camera incorporates Dual Pixel CMOS AF and ISO shooting up to 204,800

The new Canon ME200S-SH video camera fitted with the new CN-E18-80mm T4.4 L IS KAS S cine-servo zoom lens.

The new Canon ME200S-SH video camera fitted with the new CN-E18-80mm T4.4 L IS KAS S cine-servo zoom lens.

Combining Canon’s Dual Pixel CMOS Autofocus (DAF) system and ISO shooting up to 204,800 the newly announced Canon ME200S-SH video camera is capable of capturing professional, high quality Full HD images, even in low or difficult lighting conditions.

Providing smooth, fast, high-performance continuous autofocus, the camera’s Dual Pixel CMOS Autofocus system allows users to capture moving subjects such as sports action and wildlife. It is a unique, Canon-developed technology that helps filmmakers to create footage that maximises the creative options offered by fast lenses and shallow depth-of-field.

Offering an equivalent ISO range of 320 to 204,800, the ME200S-SH is a versatile tool for handling difficult or low light shooting scenarios such as in sports arenas or filming wildlife at night. Retracting the built-in infrared cut filter further extends the camera’s capability when shooting in the lowest of light or, when natural daylight disappears, allowing the capture of scenes in infrared.

Thanks to Canon’s sensor oversampling technology, users can capture clear, sharp, Full HD images at up to 50p/59.94p. The ME200S-SH supports Canon Log, enabling it to capture up to 12 stops of dynamic range and ensure that detail is retained from the brightest areas through to shadows. Canon Log provides an additional benefit to those currently shooting with Cinema EOS cameras, such as the EOS C100 Mark II or EOS C300 Mark II, allowing for easy matching of footage shot on different cameras in post-production. The new model also features a Wide DR mode, enabling footage to be used directly from the camera with little or no grading, thus speeding up the post-production workflow.

The Custom Picture Setting feature allows filmmakers to preset and store any preferred settings, ensuring that shooting can start in a preferred style as soon as the camera is switched on.

The ME200S-SH is equipped with the Canon EF with Cinema Lock mount, providing compatibility with a wide range of Canon EF, EF-S and cine-servo lenses, including the new CN-E18-80mm T4.4 L IS KAS S cine-servo lens that can be zoomed and focused via Canon’s RC-V100 remote controller.

The camera uses the design architecture of the ME20F-SH camera – the model that shoots at over ISO 4,000,000 – thus packing advanced imaging functionality into a compact body measuring 102x116x113mm (WxHxD). The camera’s size means it can easily be placed high in sports stadiums, inside vehicles, on robotic heads or attached to drones.

With options to record to a range of third party devices, the ME200S-SH has the ability to fit directly into existing workflows. The HDMI out and 3G/HD-SDI out terminals allow easy connection to monitors and recording devices. There are also multiple remote control terminals and the camera is compatible with Canon’s RC-V100 for full remote operation.

Canon ME200S-SH: key specs

8.29MP Super35mm CMOS sensor, with Dual Pixel CMOS AF

ISO shooting range: 320 to 204,800 (+56dB)

1080p/720p with Canon Log and Wide DR

Canon EF with Cinema Lock lens mount

HDMI, 3G/HD-SDI and Genlock terminals