A Kickstarter campaign has been launched to fund the first new tripod


Tripod manufacturer MeFOTO has announced a new sister company dedicated to developing filmmaking tripods.

The first product from the company is a travel video tripod called the GlobeTrotter, which is available now via their Kickstarter page.

Aimed at travel videographers, the new tripod should be compatible with major brand cameras, including the Sony A6500, Panasonic GH5, Sony A7SII, Canon 5D Mark IV and Canon C100.

Credit: MeVIDEO

It features many of the aspects you would expect from a videography tripod with an integrated levelling platform, an adjustable and removable flat base head and independent locking positions for the legs.

However, the focus is on the tripod being easy to transport, with its compact folding body, and easy to use, with a more straight forward set-up. For instance the tripod video head can be levelled without readjusting the legs.

Another problem faced by videographers is keeping a steady shot when adapting to different terrains. With integrated, stainless steel spikes that can be expanded or retracted into the rubber feet, the company is also aiming for stability across surfaces.

Credit: MeVIDEO

MeFOTO and MeVIDEO Brand Marketing Manager Brian Hynes said: “We created MeVIDEO with one simple goal: to create the best compact, travel-friendly, user-friendly video tripod ever for today’s on-the-go filmmakers and videographers.

“We wanted to create a tripod that makes sense from the moment you put your hands on it; something detailed, yet approachable – and then, to make it incredibly beautiful.”

The tripods are available in aluminium or carbon fibre bodies in black or titanium. Some come with a padded canvas carrying case.


The filmmaking tripods campaign is currently at 29 backers. Pricing is in USD but the company will ship to the UK for additional cost, which is included in the price below.

The aluminium units are available for $439 and the carbon fibre models for $589.