New video head incorporates Nitrogen-charged piston mechanism for continuous counterbalance

Imaging accessories company Manfrotto has unveiled the “revolutionary” new Nitrotech N8 Video Head, which is said to combine the most successful features of Manfrotto’s video heads with a ground-breaking, Nitrogen-charged piston mechanism to “guarantee continuous counterbalance”.

The Nitrotech N8 is able to support a load of up to 8kgs and features a precise, continuous counterbalance system that can safely hold and operate a wide variety of video cameras of differing shapes and sizes. A variable fluidity function on both pan and tilt allows for “smooth, judder-free movement”.

Side-locking plate
The new video head also has a side-lock sliding plate mechanism that allows for safe, quick and easy camera attachment – for example, you can attach your camera from the top without having to slide it into place. The Nitrotech N8 head has a flat base mount with a standard 3/8-inch thread that is said to be “highly versatile” for different support combinations, such as tripods, sliders, rigs or cranes.

Additional accessories
The N8 head also features a 3/8-inch Easy Link that’s equipped with an anti-rotation function to enable an external monitor or other accessories to be fitted.

First model in a range
The Nitrotech N8 is said to just the first model in the Manfrotto Nitrotech range, so filmmakers can probably expect a more heavy duty model in the future. It is also available as a system with a choice of Manfrotto tripods (such as the 535CF, 536CF and 546s supports), with the head itself selling at £449.95.

Manfrotto Nitrotech N8 – key benefits
• Breakthrough Nitrogen piston technology for precise, continuous counterbalance.
• Variable pan and tilt fluidity for smooth and accurate shooting.
• Easy link connector with anti-rotation to support off-camera accessories.
• Side-lock sliding plate attachment.
• Secure, 8kgs load capacity.
• Flawlessly constructed professional video heads for superlative videography.
• High-impact, ground-breaking design, superior quality materials.

Find out more…
For more information please on the Nitrotech N8 and other Manfrotto gear just visit the Manfrotto website by clicking here. To watch The Video Mode’s exclusive tuition video with top tips and tricks for shooting with tripods just click here.