LED unit boosts lighting options for close quarter shooting and comes in GoPro kit


To add more light to action cam video shoots the new Lume Cube is a handy and compact LED light source that can operate as a continuous light source for filming. The light is suitable for use as either a video light or a photo strobe for shooting stills but, notably, is available in a special GoPro kit that allows you to mount a GoPro camera with two Lume Cube lights.

It has a colour temperature balanced at 6000K and brightness can be adjusted from 0 lumens up to 1500 lumens, enough to handle most close quarters work. The unit also incorporates a rechargeable battery that is said to last for 20 minutes at full brightness and for over two hours at 50% brightness.

Mount and accessories
The Lume Cube can be attached to any tripod or camera accessory, thanks to its standard 1/4-inch mount thread, plus there are additional accessory mounts available as optional extras. It is also waterproof, making it useful for wet weather shooting or whilst fully submerged for down to 100 feet beneath water level.

As well as compatibility with a wide range of cameras and accessories the Lume Cube can also be paired up with your mobile phone, whether it be an iOS or Android model. A free to download Lume Cube app will allow you to control the flash, duration and brightness of up to five cubes.

Lume Cube range
The full range of products includes a Lume Cube single pack, twin packs, quad packs and the aforementioned GoPro kit. The selection of five accessory mounts includes one each for smartphones, hotshoes and GoPro cameras, plus two DJI Phantom drone mounts. A Lume Cube single pack has an SRP of £89.99, twin packs are £169.99, quad packs are £329.99, the GoPro kit is £199.99 and accessory mounts are available from £19 up to £38.

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