The Federal Aviation Administration has teamed up with American football team the San Francisco 49ers to produce a PSA on drone safety

The rules for drone safety as outlined in the thirty-second video are more or less what you’d expect: namely, don’t fly over populated areas, taking especial take to avoid places that draw large crowds such as football stadiums.

The video also draws attention to one aspect of the drone rules you may not be aware of: wildfires. Flying a drone near the site of a wildfire may not seem like an issue, but it can actually ground firefighting helicopters and prevent them from getting to work on the blaze.

As we know, drone regulations are quite the hot topic lately. We recently saw an ugly incident where a drone videographer was accused of flying his drone inappropriately. If you’ve not read our interview with DJI’s Kevin Gordon then definitely do so, as we raise a few of these issues and it’s interesting to see his take on them.

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