Professional videographer Simeon Quarries takes us through the kit that sees him through the job

As a professional, you have to be prepared for anything. No client is going to be particularly impressed if rain, wind or a broken light bulb render you unable to get the kind of footage they’re paying you for. That’s why it pays to have the right kit.

Simeon Quarrie’s kit bag has evolved over the years he’s been in the job to cover any and all situations, and as the tech has gotten better (and smaller!) he’s been able to pack in more and more.

In the video above he explains to us what kit he takes for a shoot. From the Canon 1DC that lets him shoot in pristine 4K to the humble monopod that keeps things on the level, it’s impressive the diversity of kit that a professional videographer needs to get the job done.

Stabilisation is among the key priorities, especially when using smaller cameras, and it’s best to use every tool at your disposal, from the aforementioned monopod to more sophisticated balancing gadgets.

Also important of course is lighting, and now in the days of compact LED panels, videographers have more options than ever in this regard. More portability too. You need to be able to shoot in low light, which is where a high sensitivity camera is your friend, and you also need flexible options for your sound recording, as no one is going to enjoy (or, likely, pay for) footage marred by howling wind.

Click above to watch the short interview with Simeon.

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