The new platform will offer long-term crowdfunding options for filmmakers


Drip is a new platform launched by Kickstarter. Credit: Kickstarter

Kickstarter has launched a new platform for long-term crowdfunding projects called Drip.

It is aimed at filmmakers and other artists to allow them to build a community of subscribers who regularly contribute to their projects.

The platform was initially launched to support musicians through subscriptions before Kickstarter purchased it two years ago.

Built on the premise that ‘Kickstarter is projects, Drip is for people,’ the website aims to support wider bodies of work rather than just project-to-project funding.

This is as an example of how the artist profiles look on the new funding website. Credit: Kickstarter

In a similar way to how project rewards work, Drip allows creators to trade benefits, such as behind the scenes updates and exclusive content, in exchange for building a base of subscribers.

Crowdfunding is a major tool in filmmaking with a number of independent filmmakers using different kinds of fundraising services at some point in their careers to promote their film projects.

The Drip service could build upon this by taking away the all-or-nothing philosophy of individual Kickstarter fundraising projects and allowing filmmakers to build a brand and following.

For now, the platform is only open via invitation, with filmmakers and other artists gradually being invited to build their profiles.

Kickstarter plans to expand the platform to other artists and creators next year. You can register your interest on the homepage.

It will be interesting to see if the platform appeals as it is gradually rolled out. Let us know what you think about the idea in the comments below.

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