What’s the longest you’ve waited between filming a project and showing it to someone? Probably not this long…


It’s billed as “the film you will never get to see”. Called 100 Years, written by actor John Malkovich and financed by French Cognac brand Louis XIII de Remy Martin, the film is a sci-fi imagining of what the world might look like 100 years from now, and it won’t be released until that very moment.

Yes, though a few teaser images and videos are circulating, the latter of which you can watch above, the full film won’t be seen until the year 2115 at an exclusive premiere event that none of us will be invited to.

The film was directed by Hollywood heavyweight Robert Rodriguez, and also stars Malkovich and Chinese actress Shuya Chang. Not even the cast and crew have seen a final cut of the film, which has now been sealed until its release date in a century.


Louis XIII Cognac takes 100 years to craft (you see the connection). The company has placed the film in a safe designed by venerable French security company Fichet-Bauche at the Sheats Goldstein Mansion in Hollywood. It’s sealed there now on a timer, which won’t open until the premiere event when we’re all in our cold, Cognac-less graves.

You can find out a little more about the film in the trailer above, in which the cast and crew comment about the intriguing experiment. “I hope you enjoy my film that’s 100 years in the making,” Rodriguez says at one point, which is a bit odd when you consider that none of the people he’s addressing will ever get to see it.

You can also check out the Louis XIII website