As YouTuber Kirill Neiezhmakov prepared to timelapse the New Years celebrations in Dubai, he captured the fire that tore through the luxury hotel.


I’m sure we all saw the powerful scenes of the as New Year’s celebrations in Dubai were cut abruptly short in the Address Downtown Dubai hotel when the 63-storey building went up in flames.

Plumes of smoke and spurts of flame engulfed the building for hours as partygoers were hastily evacuated. The hotel sits next to the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. Thankfully, and incredibly given the devasting scenes, there were no fatalities and only 18 people were reported as being injured, most were minor injuries and were soon released from hospital.

From some distance away, photographer and videographer Kirill Neiezhmakov captured the event in a startling and mesmerising timelapse.

You can click to watch the timelapse above. Neiezhmakov has a good vantage point to view the blaze, and makes great use of what appears to be some impressive gear to capture the full spectacle of the disaster. Particularly spectacular is when he pulls back to show the burning building in amongst the lights of the opulent urban sprawl that surrounds it.

Neirzhmakov appears to be something of a timelapse virtuoso, and you can view plenty more mesmerising (and thankfully less dangerous) examples of his work at his YouTube channel.

According to the video description, the fire began at around 9:30PM, and that witnesses heard explosions as four squadrons of firefighters tried to get the blaze under control.

Neiezhmakov wasn’t the only photographer involved with the blaze – CNN reports that photographer Dennis Mallari was trapped on the 48th floor while on an assignment to shoot the celebratory fireworks, and began attempting an improvised rappel down the building’s side before being rescued.

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