GoPro has released some teaser footage from a developmental prototype of the GoPro drone Quadcopter, featuring some pretty impressive stabilisation


We know that sometime in 2016 a GoPro drone of some description was coming, but until now we knew nothing absolutely nothing about it.

All that has just changed as last night GoPro dropped a brief bit of teaser footage shot on a prototype of the new GoPro Quadcopter.

You don’t get to see the Quadcopter itself, just an idea of the footage it captures as it threads its way neatly through a forest. GoPro emphasises at the start of the video that what you see ‘has NOT been stabilised in post-production’, and we can see why the disclaimer seemed necessary. The footage is beautifully smooth.

You can watch the two-minute video above. It was of course shot on GoPro’s trusty HD Hero 4 camera, and probably the best moment comes at around 1:30 when it sweeps up to pan over a beautiful forest vista.

One thing’s for sure – 2016 is going to promise some fierce competition in the consumer drone market. GoPro’s dominance in the action camera market is (for the moment) entirely assured, and if it brings the same kind of marketing muscle and brand recognition to the drone arena then current market leaders such as DJI could find themselves in trouble.

Interestingly though, the footage comes shortly after GoPro announced some slightly disappointing revenue reports sent its share prices dropping. Is this GoPro reassuring its investors that the company is still innovating? We’ll have to see.

We’ll continue to bring you developments on the GoPro Quadcopter as they come. For now we have no release date beyond ‘2016’ and no clues as to the price. Keep checking back.