This versatile video mic promises pro-quality audio from a small and waterproof unit, and you've still got time to get your hands on one early

instamic 1

With more than two weeks left to raise funds, the campaign for the Instamic has already more than doubled its fundraising target of $50,000 and looks set to triple it.

So what is it? Pretty simply, it’s a very small microphone. What sells it though is the versatility – the Instamic is water resistant and comes with a range of mounts for various surfaces and attachments, including velcro, magnets

This gives it an enormous breadth of uses: in the demo video on the Indiegogo page, which is well worth watching, you see (and hear) it being attached to a windsurfer, nestled inside a motorcycle helmet, and used as a simple lapel mic for a piece delivered to camera.

The brainchild of Michele Baggio, Instamic has assembled a formidable team for production and manufacture, which is set to begin when the fundraising campaign ends.

The team have also put together a quick demo on Vimeo, which you can watch below:

The Instamic, available in both Pro and Go versions, records audio in 48khz/24 bit and is omnidirectional. Both versions have mono and dual-mono, while the Pro also has stereo. Both versions have a frequency response of 50 to 18,000 Hz

It’s controllable with or without the dedicated Instamic app and can be active and ready to go with a single button press. The Go version is splashproof, while the Pro version is full-on waterproof up to depths of 5 feet. Try not to mix those up – the lighter Go version will not take kindly to being submerged.

The Instamic charges via USB and the creators reckon you’ll get four hours of recording per charge. It uses an automatic system called Smart Gain to adjust gain to an optimal level.

instamic 3

The Indiegogo campaign is still running, meaning there’s still time to pledge your money and get hold of an Instamic as soon as they’re available.

Pricing starts at $99 for the Go version, with more rewards and units available at higher reward tiers. There are limited numbers to claim though, so best act fast!