Discover how the recent event at Pinewood Studios helped to educate filmmakers...

The Video Mode and Amateur Photographer recently held a free-to-attend filmmaking workshop at Pinewood Studios in association with Canon, with support from Rotolight and Tiffen, and in the video above we go behind-the-scenes at the event to discover what those attending thought of it and learnt from the day…

The fourth DSLR Video event took place at ‘the home of British cinema’ and was designed to teach attendees all about making better video, especially those transitioning from shooting stills to shooting video, either for clients or for personal projects.

Canon Cinema EOS range
Canon UK’s Sarah Bennett explained, ‘The idea is to get people into videography – enhancing people [and their skills] through from the beginner stage to intermediate and then, ideally, [to go] a bit further. People have had a chance to play with the Cinema EOS range and a lot of people had the chance to look at a lot of the different [cine] lenses that we have. I guess for some people it’s quite new to see that we have those kind of lenses available.’

Highlighting technology
According to inspirational photographer and filmmaker Simeon Quarrie (a key Canon Explorer within Canon Europe’s Ambassadors Programme), who was the leading expert at the workshop, ‘It’s an awesome experience to talk about filmmaking at a location where they make films. It’s a really good opportunity for myself as a Canon Explorer to get involved and to highlight the technology involved.’

Simeon added, ‘We’ve got Tiffen here and Rotolight here demonstrating their lighting but also we’ve been focusing a lot on how to actually create – what settings should you use and how do we create the narrative.’ Indeed, the event saw Rotolight’s cutting edge LED lighting demoed by Rod Gammons and then Tiffen showed its world-famous Steadicam stabilization system and gave participants the chance to try it out.

Lighting & Bond movies
One of the attendees told us, ‘The lighting [side of things] was one thing I never delved into too much. It’s been a while since I’ve done anything so it was helpful to get refreshed.’ Another attendee was happy with the day and said, ‘There was a demonstration of an actual spot [light] that was actually used in a James Bond movie – I didn’t realise they used Rotolights but, wow, that was really cool. I nearly missed eating lunch because I was too busy playing with the gear!’

The workshop covered everything from storyboarding to lighting, shooting – the whole workflow and process of making better videos – with one attendee, a filmmaker from Finland, stating, ‘It was very inspiring!’ Don’t forget that future workshops are in the pipeline – see below for how to find out more about future events.

Find out more & future events
To discover the inside story of The Video Mode’s recent Pinewood Studios Workshop just click on the play button in the video window at the top of this article to watch the film. You can also watch an exclusive The Video Mode tuition video with Canon Explorer Simeon Quarrie’s top tips for shooting video by clicking here.To find out more about future video workshops – the next workshop, in association with Canon, is scheduled for Pinewood Studios during February 2017 – just sign up to receive the regular Amateur Photographer magazine newsletter by clicking here.