Shot on a GoPro Hero4 Black the video shows fearless Scottish cyclist Danny MacAskill rides the highest rooftops of Gran Canaria all the way to the ocean

If you suffer from vertigo this may not be the video for you. Fearless Scottish  trial-cycling legend Danny MacAskill cycles jumps and bunny hops his way from the highest rooftops of Gran Canaria, right down to a dramatic finale of him… well, we won’t spoil it for you.

The video, named Cascadia, is shot from a variety of angles, including some very slick drone footage and some first person GoPro footage as you look down on some of the incredibly high drops that Danny takes on. It will make your knees and tummy feel all funny. Quite how a human being can maintain such balance is beyond us.

Danny spent days and weeks with his team scouting out locations and panning is route down, as well as the best angles to film the video.

“I really wanted to go all out on this clip. The architecture, colours and lifestyle in Gran Canaria really spoke to me, so straight away I knew this would be perfect for what I wanted to create. I wanted people watching to really feel the vertigo, which is why I wanted to be riding right on the edge, capturing GoPro POV footage”.

As with anything that GoPro lends its name to, the video is beautifully shot, edited and coloured, and if it wasn’t for the crazy biking hurtling above the peoples houses it could just as easily be a promotional film for Gran Canaria.