Director of photography Ava Berkofsky on HBO's 'Insecure' told Mic how they lit their actors

This short interview with Insecure’s director of photography, Ava Berkofsky, for Mic gives you a behind the scenes look at how the programme lit it’s black actors so well.

Insecure is a HBO show that follows the lives of two 20-something African American women in LA. The show has recently begun airing it’s second series on the channel.

Mic’s Xavier Harding spoke to cinematographer Ms Berkofsky about how she lit the series and how her film school ignored this in their teaching.

Ms Berkofsky told Mic, “When I was in film school, no one ever talked about lighting non-white people.

“There are all these general rules about lighting people of colour, like throw green light or amber light at them. It’s weird.”

Ms Berkofsky’s tips from HBO’s Insecure

She said: “The way I approach dark skin tone technically is all about the skin is reflective.

“One, make sure the make-up artist uses a reflective base on the skin.

“Two, give skin something to reflect, it’s not the amount or intensity of the light source, it’s the surface area of the light.

“Three is I use a polariser, which is a filter that goes in front of the lens. This actually works really well when you’re lighting with, you know, a reflective surface on skin tone, because it can shape the light in a really pretty amazing and effective way.”

Make sure you watch Mic’s great video above on the history of lighting black actors and how the bar needs to be raised in Hollywood to meet HBO’s Insecure.