GoPro shooters will be able to incorporate smooth movement into their footage with the new Hague Camslide Micro Go, a camera slider specifically for the popular action cameras


The Hagye Camsldie Micro Go is aimed at GoPro users who want to push their footage a little further

Featuring a 500mm rail and compact carriage, the Camslide Micro Go should suit the rough and ready, ‘shoot at a moment’s notice’ ethos of GoPro users, even while giving them more creative options than simply strapping the camera to a bicycle helmet

It can be used on a table, or the floor, or mounted on a tripod, and features a unique carriage system to allow the user to fix the camera in place without having to remove the carriage from the rail. From there you’ve got half a metre of slide to create your smooth moving shot.

The carriage incorporates an indent for the user’s thumb or forefinger, allowing for direct control of the camera’s movement, and it is rubber coated to ensure the camera is securely mounted.

Using the incorporated 1/4″ camera screw, users will be able to attach the camera directly to it or add on a small ballhead if necessary.

Able to support cameras weighing up to 800g, the Camslide Micro Go has two end supports for use on tables or the ground.

Its dimensions are 500 by 90 by 50mm, it weighs 335g, and it comes in black with an anodised aluminium rail.

The Hague Release Camslide Micro Go is available now from, priced £48.