The 5.2K spherical camera lets you create 360-degree video

GoPro has just launched their new spherical GoPro Fusion camera to stake its claim in the growing virtual reality camera market. The film industry is expanding into this market with the growing releases of 360-degree films, which in turn are becoming more popular on platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

CEO Nick Robinson said: “This is ulmately where cameras are heading – you shouldn’t have to point at what you want to film, you should just be able to film what you’re experiencing.”

The new action camera works to make this possible even in more extreme conditions with GoPro claiming it is waterproof up to five metres and mountable on most GoPro mounts. We take a look at some of the promised specifications to see what this could mean for aspiring filmmakers.

What footage can you expect?

The new camera works with two lenses, one on the front and one on the back, to turn multiple images into one 360-degree shot, with the footage automatically stitched together.

GoPro also promises that the camera will offer 5K footage at 30fps and 3K at 60fps, which is high quality for the VR camera market. The Insta360 One offers 4K in comparison so if you’re looking for detail in your footage this might be the way to go. Although, it comes at a higher price than the Insta360 One.

The company has also proposed a solution to the difficulty of editing 360-degree video down to standard size with a feature called OverCapture, which helps you recapture the footage into a fixed perspective video.

We’re in familiar territory with the compact and weather-proof design, which helps make the new addition recognisable as a GoPro. Stabilisation is also claimed to be built into the camera, which will let you keep high quality footage if using the camera as an action camera.

Finally, GoPro has announced that the footage will also be edited with the Fusion grip mount taken out, which should make post-production that bit easier.

The GoPro Fusion is available to pre-order now for £699 and should be released in November.