Shooting in zero gravity? It’s possible, but it’s tricky. Find out how viral video specialists OK GO got it done

Even if the name of the band OK Go isn’t familiar to you, you’ve probably seen some of their videos. From treadmills to Rube Goldberg machines, the group have made a name for themselves with complex and technically intricate videos that never fail to go viral.

This week they’re back with a brand new video that ups the ante still further by being shot in zero gravity! If you haven’t already seen it, take a look below:

Once you’ve watched it, you may well have the quire reasonable question: “How the hell did they do that?”

Well, director of photography Evgeniy Ermolenko and videographer Geoff Shelton have taken the lid off the making of the video in a behind-the-scenes q&a with the folks at News Shooter, and it’s fascinating.

The group shot the video outside of Moscow on a government airstrip, in a Russian-owned plane especially designed to train astronauts how to prepare for zero-G conditions. The process of creating zero-G involves flying to 6,000 metres and beginning a flight pattern called a parabola – essentially a small hill, pointing upwards at a steep angle and accelerating.

The main challenge for the crew was keeping hold of their lunch – Shelton says though he was okay, many members found their stomachs simply couldn’t take it.

This was the gear involved, according to the interview:

Camera: AlexaXT

Lens: UltraPrime 14 mm/T1.9

Sprayoff rain deflector

Light (we had a very modest lighting set-up): 30x panels 1×1 5600 BI-Focus, 8x Kinoflo 4×4

1x Telescopic Crane

Your next question may well be, “What is a telescopic crane?” Answer: one of these


For more behind the scenes madness from the shoot, take a look at this video: