With Game Of Thrones Season 6 coming to an end, we take a look at how some of the shows incredible special effects were created

From spectacular landscapes to fire breathing dragons. Game Of Thrones has some of the most jaw dropping, and realistic (well, as realsitic as a fire breathing dragon can be) special effects ever seen in a television series. But just how is it all done?

SPOLIER ALERT: If you are up to date then you should be fine, but if you haven’t watched up to series 6 you may want to give some of these a miss!

Some of the companies responsible for these effects have released some pretty cool behind-the-scenes stuff that’s well worth a watch if you’re interested in seeing how the show is put together.

Here’s one on Vimeo from VFX Studio Mackevision, which shows some of the incredible work done to bring last year’s Season 5 to life.

And here also is some awesome stuff from Spinvision, which shows the various tricks used to bring the battle for the Wall in Season 4 to vivid, nail-biting life.

Game Of Thrones: Season Six Spoiler Alert!

If you want to see just how The Battle of The Bastards scenes were filmed then check out this excellent video, featuring interviews with the cast, and showing some of the camera tricks and practical effects, as well as the digital special effects

If you want to find out just how the fire breathing dragons are created then be sure to check out this great (and really in depth) article over at Creative Bloq. The amount of detail that goes in to their creation is the reason why they look so incredible, with the designers having researched the look and movements of real animals, such as toads and lizards to make sure that the dragons feel part of a real world. You know, a real world that has fire breathing dragons! Interestingly, much of the fire they breathe is real and created through practical effects. Check out the full article for even more details on how they are brought to life. www.creativebloq.com/vfx/game-of-thrones-dragons-61515457

How to create the special effects yourself

If, like most of the country, you’re currently caught up in Game of Thrones, you’ll be familiar with the distinctive ‘blind eye’ look.

First seen at the end of Season 5 when (minor spoiler) the character of Arya Stark was blinded as a punishment for defying the Faceless Men, the effect has since been seen repeatedly throughout Season 6 as she struggles to cope with her loss of sight.

It’s a cool effect, and those in the videography world who’ve seen it may wonder how it was done, or how easy it would be to recreate.

Well, the good folks at Film Riot have put together a tutorial on how to do exactly that. Using post-production software such as AfterEffects, it’s possible to track the movement of your subject’s eyes exactly in order to overlay the eye effect.

It’s a fun ten minutes that manages to pack in some amusing moments and costumes as well as the info-packed tutorial (and the obligatory ‘word from our sponsors’).