Video upgrades amongst a raft of free functional and operational updates for X-series camera duo


Two major firmware updates are planned for the Fujifilm X-Pro2 and X-T2 cameras for late March and late May 2017 respectively. Whilst the majority of the 33 scheduled functional and operational updates are more obviously targetted at those wanting to shoot still images there are some key video upgrades (most of which apply to the 4K X-T2 model).

The first firmware updates for the X-T2 (version 2.00) and X-Pro2 (version 3.00) are due in late March 2017. Most notable amongst the video updates in these firmware upgrades are the following:

• Activation of the Eye Sensor in video recording (X-T2 only)
The update allows you to use the Eye Sensor during video recording to automatically switch between EVF and LCD.

• Change of ISO sensitivity during video recording (X-T2 only)
The update allows you to change the camera’s ISO setting during video recording.

• Re-autofocusing in video recording
With the update, half-press the Shutter Release button or press the button assigned to ‘AF-ON’ function during video recording to re-do autofocusing.

• Display live histogram during video recording (X-T2 only)
The update allows you to display a live histogram during video recording.

• Optimization of external microphone’s input level (X-T2 only)
The update optimizes external microphone’s input level (lower limit revised from -12dB to 20dB) to reduce white noise when an external microphone with pre-amp is connected.

As well as the above video-centric updates there is a host of other updates covering areas such as RAW shooting in bracketing modes, shutter speed adjustments, ISO control from the front command dial, extended ISO levels and a variety of AF and focusing improvements.

Following the March firmware updates Fujifilm expects the X-T2 (version 2.10) and X-Pro2 (version 3.10) firmware upgrades to become available from late May 2017.

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