The short film features Hollywood actress Lily Collins

The first footage from Sony’s CineAlta VENICE was unveiled online ahead of its official release in February 2018.

Sony announced that the cinema camera was to be the company’s new flagship camera at the start of September, promising that it will offer better picture quality.

Watch the video above and let us know in the comments whether you think it lives up to this promise.

The short film called ‘The Dig’ was written and directed by Joseph Kosinski and stars Hollywood stars Lily Collins and Taylor Kitsch.

Shot across urban and natural environments and in day and night lighting conditions, the aim of the video is to give an insight into what the camera is capable of.

Credit: Sony

Sony claims that the 36mm x 24mm sensor, which is bigger than a lot of the other cinema cameras on the market, will offer 6K quality. But on this occasion, the team decided to shot with an Anamorphic lens.

Mr Kosinski said: “The reason to go Anamorphic is for the quality of that image and because it’s not as sharp as focal, you’re giving up sharpness for a little bit of personality.

“Those out of focus highlights, the way the lens breathes when you pull focus from foreground to background we really embraced.”

To see more about the filming check out the behind the scenes video below:

Sony also claims that it will make your life easier in post-production with a new colour management system and a wider colour gamut to improve image editing.

Director of photography Claudio Miranda said: “What I love about the colour, it just has a little bit more soft in its feeling and I feel like there is a lot more dynamic range than before.”

The CineAlta VENICE will be available from February 2018 at selected UK retailers. Pricing, availability and add-on options have not yet been announced but for more information check out the Sony website.