The oscar winning director will could be your next instructor when he teaches an online course in early 2018

Martin Scorsese will teach an online course on filmmaking at the beginning of 2018, deconstructing how he made his masterpieces.

The Oscar winning director will outline his directing methods, from storyboarding to editing the final feature.

Scorsese’s films have made a big impact on Hollywood with Taxi Driver and Goodfellas becoming modern classics.

And who knows? He might even help you adopt the Martin Scorsese signature long tracking shots into your own filmmaking.

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He said in the video promo: “If you’re intrigued by movie-making as a career, this isn’t the class for you.

“But if you need to make movies, if you feel like you can’t rest until you’ve told this particular story that you’re burning to tell, then I could be speaking to you.”

He also speaks about always feeling physically ill when seeing his rough cut for the first time. The surprising admission that the master himself feels this way means that aspiring filmmakers could have a lot to feel queasy about!

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The trailer also gives some extracts of the advice he might be giving in the classes.

For example, on editing, he said: “People think it’s good editing if you can see it. Good editing is something else too, if you don’t see it.”

The Wolf of Wall Street director will give his tips across at least twenty video lessons. Alongside these, the course will also give students a workbook and the opportunity to ask Scorsese some questions.

The MasterClass website already features courses in filmmaking from Werner Herzog and Aaron Sorkin, but this is the first time Scorsese will teach a class.

You can already sign up for pre-registration on the website for £35 for the first five lessons, with the full course available for £135.

So what do you think – is this price worth learning from Scorsese himself? Let us know in the comments.