As the saying goes: if life gets you down, go and live in a van. That's exactly what filmmaker Zach Both has done.

It’s a good week for people who fancy quitting their jobs and travelling the world. First we shared the story of Walter Chang and his three-year adventure after he packed in the nine to five, and now we have American filmmaker Zach Both who’s off doing the exact same thing.

Dissatisfied with his desk job as an art director for a 3D printing start-up, and craving a little adventure, Zach embarked upon a creative roadshow to meet local artists around the United States to make short films.

He has converted a $3,900 Chevrolet into a mobile home, with some help from his father, and has visited the Grant Tetons of Wyoming, Mount Hood in Oregon and even spent Christmas with a family in Washington State. More recently, he has been exploring the Californian coast.

He shot the film ‘Unseen Unknown’ at an antiques store in Culver City, California, which you can view here:

If you’re interested in living a van lifestyle of your own then you’re in luck, because Zach has written a guide on how to do it. It’s called ‘The Vanual’ (solid 10/10 for the pun), and you can see it here Pro tip #1 – don’t park your van in the same spot two days in a row.

He’s spoken to the New York Times about his experiences, and fully admits that it’s not an experience suitable for all temperaments.

‘You tend to be by yourself quite a lot,’ he says. ‘That’s the reason it’s not for most people.’ However, he also adds that ‘It’s always resulted in interesting experiences with interesting people.’

To see more from Zach, here’s his website: You can also follow him on Instagram