The gimbal producing company have released a new line of "Alpha Series" gimbals for videographers


The Chinese gimbal company, FeiyuTech, has announced the launch of their new Alpha Series gimbals which have been specifically designed with videographers in mind.

Designed to be used specifically with DSLRs and Mirrorless camera, the Alpha Series is great for budding videographers and filmmakers on a budget.

The two options in the series are the a1000 and a2000, the difference between the two being the weight-limit that each can carry. As their names suggest the pair can carry 1000g (1kg) and 2000g (2kg) respectively.

The gimbal’s design allows users to place the rig on the floor thanks to its flat-bottom layout, 360° auto-rotate function and three axis.  The slanted construction also prohibits any obstructions getting in the way of your device’s monitor so you can shoot with no interruption.

Accompanied by an app (available on both iOS and Android), you can predetermine your gimbal’s rotation making it a useful tool if you have a shot planned out. The preplanned rotations also help with preventing any unstable footage, something the company have looked to tackle with a revamped anti-shake and power efficiency algorithms.

A simple single button system also means you can lock a movement or trigger the release with ease.

The gimbal’s power is fed by two 3.7V Lithium Ion batteries that the Chinese company claim will run for up to 12 hours, perfect for a long day of filming.

Newbies won’t have to worry about prior settings when placing their camera into the gimbal with FeiyuTech saying that the device automatically detects the camera’s weight and adjusts to it, thanks to a stronger torque motor.

The a1000 comes in at $199 USD/£239 GBP while the a2000 retails at $639 USD/£660 GBP. The pair can be bought for $799 USD/ £899 GBP, providing a slight saving. Buy now from Amazon.