This new editing tool could save you time or put you out of the job


Any videographer will know that editing raw footage is a time consuming process, which requires you to make cuts slowly while re-watching multiple takes of scenes.

However, computer scientists at the American university Stanford might have the solution to this with a new artificial intelligence tool to help editors make a rough cut in just minutes.

The scientists developed an automated technology, which works on dialogue driven scenes using facial recognition, language analysis and emotional intensity scores decide which takes work best.

But before you get too worried that robots are going to take your job, team leader and professor of computer science, Maneesh Agrawala, pointed out that the tool is there to help editors rather than replace them.

Mr Agrawala said: “It’s still going to require a professional editor to produce a professional-quality edit.

“But it should make their job much easier and allow them to be more creative and explore the design space of possible edits much more easily.”

The video editing software also runs by using classic film idioms to replicate common ordering methods.

For example, you can select the use of wide shots to establish scenes and close ups for emotionally charged lines of dialogue when the programme builds your rough cut.

Filmmakers decide on what idioms they prefer and can choose from different takes recommended by the AI.

The whole process cuts down on what can traditionally take hours of frustrating adjustments.

While the software only works with dialogue scenes at the moment, the developers want to branch out into action sequences and vlogging shots.

Mr Agrawala hopes that one day the software could even be used during filming to analyse footage as you go along and reduce the need to film multiple takes.

So what do you think? Would you trust a robot to pick up on a emotional intelligence in scenes? Let us know in the comments.