It’s not a movie, even though it should be – Scotland Yard is considering employing eagles to take down drones that are being used for criminal activity


Inspired by a Dutch police programme that achieved impressive results, Scotland Yard commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe is considering employing real live eagles to hunt down unauthorised drones that are being used to commit crimes.

The eagles have been trained by a group called Guard From Above, and are apparently capable of avoiding the drones’ rotors to hit them square in the centre and disable them.

The group said the eagles probably regard the drones as other birds of prey encroaching on their territory, the solution to which is naturally a good old-fashioned dive bomb.

After seeing a YouTube video of an eagle catching a drone, Hogan-Howe was reportedly so impressed that he immediately set an officer to the task of investigation whether such a scheme could work in London.

As drones have increased in popularity, unauthorised use has become more and more of a problem, so much so that the United States’ Federal Aviation Administration started readying mandatory registration rules at the end of last year 

We prefer the eagle solution personally. But will it happen?

“As would be expected in an organisation that is transforming we take an interest in all innovative new ideas and will of course be looking at the work of the Dutch police use of eagles,” a Met spokesman said to the Guardian.

No confirmation yet then, but we’ll keep an ear out. In the meantime, if you’re peacefully capturing an aerial video of the Brighton coastline and have your footage abruptly terminated by a piledriving eagle, don’t say we didn’t warn you…

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