Forget kites, just use a drone to propel you along the snow on your snowboard. Et voilà, Droneboarding is born


Yep, it’s happened. Someone has solved the eternal problem that snowboards don’t tend to move on flat surfaces. How have they solved this, you ask? With technology.

Meet droneboarding, the new sport sensation that may or may not but probably won’t take the next winter Olympics by storm. In the video above you can see a snowboarder being towed by an Aerone drone, in what appears to be part of a marketing campaign to show off the power of the drone.

There’s a little more about Aerones available at their website – here. It seems to be early days for the company, which is still seeking investors, but if they manage to invent a few more sports to showcase the high power of their drones they’ll presumably do quite well.

According to the company, the drone in question has enough lifting power to tote around 37kg, which would be enough for a serious camera rig!

Furthermore, the company says the sport could easily be expanded to skateboarding, longboarding – anything involving a board, really. The company says it’s looking to develop a special kind of handle to facilitate these sports in the future.

However, this is by no means the first instance of droneboarding – indeed, people have been willing to throw very small children into the droneboarding ring in pursuit of viral fame and glory. Advisable? No, probably not, but here it is anyway.

It’s early days yet, but the future seems bright for droneboarding.