DJI has rolled out an update to its DJI GO drone control app which adds its GEO geofencing system to improve drone safety


DJI’s GEO system stands for Geospatial Environment Online, and is designed to help pilots avoided sensitive areas such as airports where drone flying is restricted or outright forbidden.

It automatically updates with temporary restrictions such as those put in place for forest fire alerts or massive stadium events.

Restricted areas also include nuclear power plants and prisons.

The system was developed by Brendan Schulman, DJI’s Vice President of Policy and Legal Affairs, who said: ‘Drone pilots want to fly safely, and our GEO system helps DJI customers fly responsibly while also enabling the full capabilities of remotely piloted aircraft.’

The system prevents drones from entering or launching in these restricted zones unless a pilot with a verified DJI account unlocks it for a permissible purpose. This means that pilots can’t inadvertently stray into a forbidden zone during an otherwise legitimate flight.

Of course, some areas will be forbidden no matter what the reason. DJI lists national security zones such as Washington D.C. as an example of a place where drones won’t be flying under any circumstances.

The GEO system will be available for iOS on the latest update of the DJI GO app in the app store, and DJI says that it will soon be coming to the Android version as well.

DJI has been active in pushing back against some of the complaints that have arisen about drones – earlier this year penning a firm takedown of a somewhat spurious report about drone ‘safety issues’ in the UK.

The firm takes drone safety very seriously and has worked extensively on technologies such as GEO to reduce the risks of the hobby. We’ve previously discussed this with the firm’s marketing man in Europe Kevin Gordon – read our interview for a more in-depth look at DJI’s work with the Civil Aviation Authority.

The Geofencing feature was first unveiled alongside the DJI Phantom 4. You can read more about the Phantom 4 and watch our preview video here