Leading drone manufacturer DJI has responded to a report listing hundreds of complaints about drones in the UK


As much fun as drones are, they can also be something of a polarising issue, with the number of drone complaints increasing year on year. Those who don’t care for drones often being quite vocal in expressing their feelings.

The companies that manufacture the drones are never shy about being involve in the conversation too, as beautifully shown by DJI in an impressive takedown of a recent report from a mapping company that claimed to list several hundred drone complaints filed about unmanned aerial veichles in the UK.

DJI did some digging about this report and penned a response, which makes for highly entertaining reading.

‘This report is simply an unedited listing of raw complaints, with no attempt to verify whether any of them had any merit,’ the firm says, before going on to point out an incident where an object which struck a plane, which was thought to be a drone, actually is now thought to have been a plastic bag.

DJI goes on to point out that a robust system of drone regulation exists in the United Kingdom already, and that none of the reports cited indicate any evidence of law-breaking.

The firm also cites the many positive uses of drones that are already being discovered in the UK, such as locating missing people.

‘Examples about about how drones are providing new vistas in aerial photography, improving agricultural surveys, helping businesses and even saving lives across UK and around the world. We’re happy to discuss them,’ the statement says.

Safety Features to reduce drone complaints

DJI recently announced its Phantom 4 drone, which it says will encourage an influx of new and novice users to the already growing market with user-friendly features such as Obstacle Sensing and Return Home autopilot mode. See here for the full lowdown. http://www.thevideomode.com/news/dji-phantom-4-drone-2117/