Turns out all you need for your wedding memories is a GoPro, a harness and a family pet, as Ryder the dog captures this magical wedding video in snowy Tennessee

Hiring someone to film or photograph your wedding is typically an expensive endeavour that can cost thousands of pounds. Strapping a GoPro to a dog is a good deal cheaper.

You can therefore understand why Addie and Marshall Burnette elected that their special day on Roan Mountain in Tennessee would be recorded by their trusty hound Ryder.

With the camera on her back, Ryder the Siberian Husky recorded everything, from the bride getting ready to the ceremony and the family celebrating at the reception in a house. As the couple eloped everything was very last-minute, however Ryder remained unflappable and captured some beautiful scenes of the couple’s happy day.

Addie told Refinery29

‘The cool thing about it is that we eloped [on] the same mountain where we had our first date 10 years before, and it just so happened to snow two feet that day,’


Ryder was able to use several of her natural assets to her advantage, most notably that while no one ever wants to look at someone pointing a camera at them, everyone wants to say hello to a dog. She was therefore able to capture some great views of the wedding’s guests at their happiest.

“We’ve had several comments that she did better than most hired wedding videographers,” Addie said.

As Marshall is a director for his day job we can see how the dog may have had a little coaching. Still, it’s impressive for a first effort.

If you’d like to employ your dog as a videographer then we’d recommend picking up GoPro’s Fetch harness