Extensively updated Ronin 2 3-axis stabiliser now able to carry larger camera rigs up to over 13kgs

DJI has introduced the three-axis Ronin 2 camera stabiliser which is said to have more power and torque to carry larger cameras – from DSLRs up to a cinema cameras with lenses – up to a total payload of 13.5kgs (that’s up from 7.25kgs on the original Ronin gimbal).

The Ronin 2 features an enlarged camera cage and 50mm extendable arms and, helped by onboard GPS, its encoded motors (said to be five times more powerful than on the Ronin Mark I) mean the unit can travel at up to 75mph while delivering 0.02 degrees of sub-pixel level precision. The motor is enclosed in a splash-proof design with internally routed power, SDI and data cabling.

Two-axis mode
The Ronin 2 also has a new two-axis operation mode for mounting to Steadicams to give more creative options. A redesigned dual band 2.4/5.8GHz remote allows minimised interference for full control during remote and two-person operation at a range of nearly 1.5 kilometres.

Integrated touchscreen
A new integrated touchscreen with 1,000 nits of brightness lets professionals directly configure the gimbal settings for “on-the-fly” adjustments and for full control of mounted RED cameras.

Redesigned frame & foldaway feet
The Ronin 2 has a redesigned carbon fibre monocoque style frame which should make it durable yet lightweight and easy to carry. New foldaway feet allow you to set the platform down during handheld filming without the need for a separate stand.

Hot-swappable batteries
Dual hot-swappable batteries are capable of operating simultaneously and independently to provide 2.5 hours of runtime to power the gimbal and a RED Dragon camera. The Ronin 2 actually uses the same fast charging, high-capacity, self-heating batteries as the DJI Inspire 2, thus simplifying battery management and guaranteeing power down to -20 degrees celsius.

New modes
The gimbal’s new mode include a Panorama mode to help create still image panoramas, a Timelapse mode and a CamAnchor mode that lets operators record a preferred gimbal orientation at specific locations, then revisit them with a simple touch as the camera moves from point-to-point. The intelligent SmoothTrack system that provides stable images while the camera is on the move has an updated algorithm for keeping the Ronin 2 in sync with the operator’s movements.

Availability and price
No exact launch date or price has been given for the Ronin 2 but DJI has said it will be available in the second quarter of 2017 via DJI’s website and DJI authorised stores worldwide.

Accessory blitz
On the accessory side of things DJI has announced the new Cendence remote controller, the DJI Tracktenna high-gain antenna and its CrystalSky 5.5-inch and 7.85-inch monitors.

Cendence remote controller
The Cendence remote controller lets users program and store customised button configurations for different flight and shooting options, whilst allowing you to adjust the pitch and yaw of the gimbal at the same time via two dials. Cendence offers drone pilots instant access to functions like ISO, sharpness, shutter speed, focus and more, without navigating the touch menu settings on their mobile device. Cendence features built-in SDI and HDMI video transmission ports for live HD broadcast and streaming applications, and can be adapted to use DJI’s Lightbridge or WiFi video transmission technology. Cendence is compatible with DJI’s Matrice 200 and Inspire 2 drones and will be available later in 2017 at £949.

DJI Tracktenna
DJI Tracktenna is a high-gain antenna that improves signal reliability over long distances and resists interference. Its built-in sensors and two-axis gimbal automatically point the antenna to the aircraft at all times. When installed on the Cendence controller in optimal conditions the Tracktenna can boost signal transmission to over 6.2 miles (10kms) for pro use and more complex flights. The price and availability of the DJI Tracktenna will be announced at a later date.

CrystalSky monitors
The CrystalSky monitors are for pilots, photographers and filmmakers who need more robust visual information than that available on smartphones or tablets. The monitors attach directly to the new Cendence controller or to other DJI controllers via a new dedicated mounting bracket. The CrystalSky monitors run optimised versions of the DJI GO, DJI GO 4 and DJI Pilot apps and include two microSD card slots for quick storage and playback of encoded 4K video. They will be available soon in a 5.5-inch 1000 cd/m2 version for £449; a 7.85-inch, 1000 cd/m2 version for £669 and a 7.85-inch, 2000 cd/m2 version for £949.

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