The DJI Osmo sound problemsare caused by the internal microphone being too close the gimbals motors and fan

DJI has announced its plan to solve the sound issues with the Osmo camera, by issuing a free DJI Osmo FlexiMic.

The new FlexiMic plugs in to the 3.5mm mic socket, and it should dramatically improve the sounds quality of video footage record by the DJI Osmo. Without an external microphone, the built-in microphone of the DJI Osmo records the hum of the devices internal fan, as well as the vibrations of the gimbal motors.


If you are an Osmo owner who has suffered from the Osmo sound issues, the fear not as you will be able to claim the free FlexiMic as of March. Starting today, 29th January, all new DJI Osmo cameras will include the FlexiMic free of charge.

It is strange that DJI, who are known for creating very high-standard, premium, products, didn’t spot the glaringly obvious problem with the DJI Osmo to begin, especially when even a very basic microphone dramatically improves the audio quality straight away. However, DJI deserve credit for coming up with the solution quickly and making it easily available for existing owners.

We were very impressed with the Osmo when we used it, though the internal audio did let it down. Whilst the FlexiMic is a good immediate fix for the problem, I would imagine that DJI’s engineers are already working on a way around the issue for future versions of the DJI Osmo.


Here are the details from the DJI Press release of how to go about claiming your free FlexiMic

1. Customers who bought their DJI Osmo in our Online Store or at our Shanghai Airport store, will receive an email with a coupon code, which can be redeemed for a free FlexiMic at the Official DJI Online Store. If you don’t receive a coupon, please contact

2. For those that purchased their DJI Osmo from an affiliate website, please contact the affiliate in question for a coupon code to use in the Official DJI Online Store.

3. If a user has purchased their Osmo from an Authorized DJI Dealer, they can receive their FlexiMic by contacting the dealer. For any questions, please contact

4. For Osmos purchased at the DJI Flagship Store, the unit serial number makes the customer eligible for a free FlexiMic for pickup at the store, or to be shipped within China by first contacting DJI by sending an email to

Customers may also call us at 0755-8665-5264 and provide their serial number and contact information so that we can send them FlexiMic.

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