Ronin-MX offers wide compatibility for DSLRs and pro video cameras

The latest gimbal in DJI’s Ronin line-up – the 3-axis Ronin-MX – is the company’s first-ever with an internal GPS communication system, which provides information on G-force, speed and acceleration of the device for better stabilisation when shooting fast moving subjects.

Designed to work both on the ground and in the air with minimal set-up time the unit is fully compatible with a selection of DJI accessories for long-distance focus and aperture control. The gimbal features remote start/stop controls, video transmission and multiple operation modes, including underslung, upright and briefcase.

It is compatible with a wide range of cameras from Arri, Black Magic, Canon, Panasonic, RED, Sony and Nikon and, thanks to built-in camera profiles, filmmakers will be able to calibrate it at the click of a button. It also features a two-point cage locking system to hold cameras firmly in place and improve stabilisation.

As well as its built-in, independent IMU module the Ronin-MX has a Bluetooth module and a 2.4GHz receiver. It operates through the DJI GO app and has customisable settings for SmoothTrack and gimbal-tuning for various cameras, with a maximum load weight of 4.5kgs.

The unit is powered by a 4S Ronin-M battery, whilst third-party cameras mounted on it can be powered by an optional onboard DJI battery. The gimbal can pan through 360 degrees for continuous shooting without reset, tilt from +45 to -135 degrees and has redundant slip rings, offering enhanced reliability for operators. With an optional accessory, the Ronin-MX can transmit video real-time from a mounted camera.

DJI has also announced the Matrice 600 drone, which incorporates DJI’s new A3 flight controller and features advanced Lightbridge 2 video transmission technology that offers high frame rates and HD live-streaming capability at distances up to five kilometres. The M600 is a six-rotor system with a maximum load of 6kgs, making it compatible with the full range of DJI’s Zenmuse gimbals, including the Z15 series and the Zenmuse X series cameras for shooting stabilised aerial imagery. The M600’s carrying weight also allows it to fly the new Ronin-MX gimbal.

The M600 will fly up to 36 minutes with a Zenmuse X5 camera attached and up to 16 minutes with a larger camera, such as a RED EPIC, but flight times will vary for different cameras, gimbals and other conditions. The M600 supports the DJI GO app, which includes a live video feed, battery and redundancy status, transmission strength and other data to keep users informed of flight status at all times. The app also provides access to aperture, shutter speed, photo and video capture on any Zenmuse X-series camera, plus remote focus on the Zenmuse X5 and X5R cameras.