If the DJI drones have always been a little out of reach, then you may need to look again, with up to 31% off Phantom 3 Standard


If you didn’t get one of the Phantom 3 DJI drones for Christmas then you may now be in luck. The Chinese drone manufacturer has just announced that it is cutting the prices of some of it’s Phantom 3 drones to celebrate its tenth anniversary. The best deal looks to be on the DJI Phantom 3 Standard, which is a huge 31% cheaper.

Usually the Phantom 3 Standard is £619, but it is currently under £500, in fact it is just £449.

The Standard is DJI’s entry level drone, and it does lack some of the more advanced features of the Phantom 3 Advanced and Professional, namely the Lightbridge connection between the drone and controller. It instead uses a Wifi connection between the drone and a smartphone. This means that the live video streaming also isn’t quite as smooth. There is also a slight reduction in the range of the drone. However, it is still an excellent way to get in to filming with a drone. The built-in camera can record at 2.7k, and it also has a log image profile for flat recording.

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Also on offer is the Phantom 3 Advanced. Usually the Advanced is £899, but is now only £699. The Phantom 3 Advanced uses the same 2.7k camera as the standard, rather than the 4K camera of 4K or Professional drones, but it uses the same Lightrbrdige control as the Professional for longer range and smoother FPV video streaming back to the connected smartphone.

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Finally the new DJI Phantom 3 4K has been reduced in price, just days after it was released! The Phantom 3 4K shares the same 4K resolution camera and GPS and optical position system as the Phantom 3 Professional and Advanced, but like the Standard it uses the Wifi downlink for video, rather than then more advanced Lightbridge controller system.

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