Daniel Kleinman speaks to The Video Mode about creating the opening title sequence for the latest Bond film, SPECTRE

With the exception of Quantum of Solace, Daniel Kleinman has been the man behind the opening titles of every James Bond film since Golden Eye. With the eyes of the world currently viewing his work in the film SPECTRE, we spoke to Daniel about the pressures of creating the now iconic Bond title sequence, and what it is like working with Sam Mendes.

Sam Mendes is pretty involved. He’s a very clever man, he’s got a really great eye and he’s very passionate about every detail of his movie. So he wants to make sure that what I’m doing fits in with what he’s doing, and visa versa. I want to make sure that what I do is sympathetic to the main film. So we worked reasonably closely on the projects we have done together.

I do have quite a lot of freedom. I have autonomy to do the things I want.  I come up with the ideas myself and it gives me a lot of creative expression.

Daniel Kleinman

When I’m doing the titles I try and put within that three or four minute sequence suggestions of what might be coming up. I don’t want to give things away, but it’s quite nice to sort of titillate people and create a sense of  anticipation as to what might be happening, scenes that might come about, themes that might be flowing through the film so that it builds up the tension as people get in to the main movie.

Daniel Kleinman

I don’t plan names to go with certain images, on the whole, but sometimes I do on purpose make certain images go with certain names. So the bit where Judy Dench in Skyfall is slightly over a gravestone is a little bit suggestive of what might be happening later in the film… there is a joy in re-watching it and thinking ‘oh right, I get that!’

Daniel Kleinman

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