Daniel Kleinman speaks to The Video Mode about filming Sony's 'Made For Bond' TV advert on London's Southbank.

He may not be a household name, but there is a very good chance you’ll have seen plenty of Daniel Kleinman’s work. With the exception of Quantum of Solace, Kleinman has created the opening credits for every James Bond film since Golden Eye, including the latest, SPECTRE.

Not only this, but he is behind some of the most memorable adverts on British television, and the two worlds met recently when he created the Sony ‘Made For Bond’ TV advert, starring none of than Moneypenny herself, Naomie Harris.

Recently we were lucky enough to sit down with Daniel and talk about his work, including finding out a bit more about how he shot the action packed TV advert within London’s busy, and iconic, Southbank. He told us about the difficulties of filming in such a busy area, and also what it was like shooting the commercial using Sony’s F65 motion picture camera.

‘The location was a bit of challenge. The Southbank is a very big place controlled which is controlled by various different people, and there are also a lot of tourists there… we had to work around the general public… It was a tricky location to film in, though visually very attractive’

Daniel Kleinman

Then there was the editing. Shooting for four days there was a lot of footage to get down to a 60 sec TV advert.

‘We edited over several weeks, but of course the important thing is that the commercial came out a reasonble time in advance of the movie. It isn’t just about the amazing Sony gadgets – the camera [RX100 IV] and phone [Xperia Z5], but it is also a promotional tool for the movie, Spectre’

Daniel Kleinman

Watch our interview with Daniel Kleinman above, and look out for the next video in the series of three, where he talks about what it is like to make the opening titles for the James Bond films.