Skiier Nicholas Vuignier creates an absolutely amazing slow motion video whilst spinning an iPhone on a string around his head

They say it is a fine line between being clever and stupid. On the surface putting an iPhone on a piece of string and hurling it around your head whilst you are skiing at, who knows what speed, down the side of the mountain, would seem to be a stupid idea. However, if you think that you clearly haven’t seen the amazing video by Nicholas Vuignier.

Skiir Nicholas has created a device called the Centriphone. It is a 3D printed case for his iPhone that allows him to attach it to a piece of string and twirl it around his head. With the video switched to its 240fps slow motion mode, the resulting footage is absolutely fantastic! It really has to be seen to be believed how simple, but effective, the idea is.

The overall effect is similar to the famous Bullet Time effect used, most notably, in The Matrix series of films. Usually a bullet time rigs would consist of multiple cameras, sometimes dozen, all recording at the same time, allowing the director to choose to slow down time, whilst also appearing to have just one camera spinning around the subject.

Our favourite part is when the phone whizzes through the snow spray that is seemingly suspended in mid-air.