Our test of the Canon XC10 is underway and we'd like to share some of the first 4K 305Mbps sample footage we have shot with Canon's new camera.

We first had our hands on the Canon XC10 video camera a few months back (You can read our first look article here), but now we are lucky enough to have our hands on a final working version of the camera. Our test of the camera is underway, but we thought that we would share with you our first sample footage.

The footage was shot using the Canon XC10 4K mode, with a frame rate of 25fps and a data rate of an impressive 305Mbps. To shoot at this rate requires more than a standard SD card, so the XC10 uses CFast cards to save this high quality footage. For shooting at more standard definitions there i, of course, an SD card slot.

Our first impressions of the camera are very good. The 1-inch sensor seems very capable and we were impressed with this initial footage. Over the next few days we’ll be shooting more and seeing exactly how far the camera, and footage, can be pushed. It will be interesting to see just how the dynamic range compares to the Canon Cinema EOS cameras, and the many other cameras at this level and price range, notably the Sony RX10 II and the Panasonic FZ1000.

The cameras zoom lens also seems very versatile. The 24-240mm range can be used to shoot a variety different scenes, making it a great run-and-gun camera, or secondary option for Canon Cinema EOS users.

It should also be noted that all of the footage was shot either handheld, or using a very simple shoulder rig, and the cameras built-in stabilisation has done an excellent job of keeping the footage steady. Again, nothing has been stabilised in post-production – it is straight from the camera.

We’ll be featuring a full test of the Canon XC10 in the coming weeks, but until then make sure you read our first look First Look and watch Battle of Ages, by Scott Wynn, a short film shot on the Canon XC10.