The new Canon LEGRIA HF G40 video camera offers full 1080p capture and a 20x optical zoom range the equivalent of a 26.8-576mm focal length


Canon is the latest company to announce their 2016 line-up at CES, and for videographers there is a new Canon LEGRIA HF G40 video camcorder.

Canon Legria HF G40 WEB SIZE_3

Canon state the camera is designed for professionals and video enthusiasts and it features a 1/2.84inch HD CMOS Pro sensor and a DIGIC DV4 processor. As you would expect for a camera aimed at enthusiasts, the LEGRIA HF G40 offers full manual control, but one of the standout features is the lens. It is a 20x optical zoom with the equivalent focal range of 26.8-576mm, making it great for nearly all situations. The lens is stabilised and also uses 8 circular aperture blades to produce nice smooth out of focus areas.

The built-in electronic viewfinder has a 1.56m dots equivalent resolution, whilst the 3.5 inch articulated capacitive touchscreen has a 1.23m dots equivalent resolution.

Canon Legria HF G40 WEB SIZE_2

Footage can be saved in AVCHD format at up to 1080p  at 50fps, this frame rate will produce 1/2 speed slow motion capture, but timelapse 2x, 4x, 10x, 20x, 60x, 120x, 1200x fast speed capture is also available.  To capture the high quality footage the camera also has two SD card slots. Canon quote a maximum record time of 24hrs 30mins using a64GB SDXC card, however the supplied battery lasts for a maximum of 3 hours.

Canon Legria HF G40 WEB SIZE_4

We’re be looking to get our hands-on the new camera in the next couple of days, so keep checking back for our first look of the new Canon LEGRIA HF G40