This behind the scenes look shows how the new Blade Runner used visual effects to achieve its distinctive look

This behind the scenes look at Blade Runner 2049 gives you a glimpse at how the visually striking film was shot.

The trailer hints that the film will make great use of colour and visual effects to re-create the iconic world, which made the original such a great source of inspiration to filmmakers.

These video features give filmmakers a chance to see how this was created on a Hollywood scale and the problems it posed.

Director of photography Roger Deakins said: “I’ve never worked on a film with so many sets and lighting patterns. Technically, it’s quite challenging.”

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One of the striking aspects of the behind the scenes look is how the team used special effects.

Visual effects supervisor John Nelson said: “We’re trying to keep the visual effects very reality based and grounded. People should look at it and say wow that’s a beautiful shot, how did they get it?”

In this feature below by VICE, it is clear that to achieve this they built a number of sets and props to rely on as little green screen as possible.

“On a green screen you are bound to a computer graphic that tells you where to put the camera,” said Director Denis Villeneuve. He added: “I hate it.”

Therefore much of the film is shot in real environments and sets, which were flooded with lighting to achieve the misty, colourful look.

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This even led to them making whole building facades and using hundreds of lights and dimmers to create the desired effects.

While it’s easy to see how this was created on a Hollywood budget, it’s interesting for aspiring filmmakers to see alternatives to pure green screen effects being put into practice.

Watch the videos above to see how Blade Runner 2049 was shot.