This amazing video essay by Andy Saladino of The Royal Ocean Film Society shows you how to make a no-budget feature


If you’ve thought about making a film without any money then look no further than this video essay, which rounds up the best no-budget filmmaking tips.

Created by Andy Saladino of the filmmaking tips channel The Royal Ocean Film Society, this video rounds up soundbites from lots of different directors.

Profiling some memorable low-budget films alongside tips from Mr Saladino himself, this essay is essential viewing for aspiring filmmakers.

Here’s a few things we’ve learnt.

No-budget filmmaking tips: Embrace your limitations

Mr Saladino talks about how important it is to minimise things that show how little money you’ve spent on the film. As he explains, this is why lots of no-budget films are made in black and white.

Christopher Nolan explains, in an interview to VICE, that low budget films props like guns rarely work in low budget films, so in Following, they used a rubber hammer instead.

He said: “You try to identify what are the things that really betray the budget to the audience. What takes them out of the film and stops them being able to engage with the film as a story the whole way through.”

No-budget filmmaking tips: Cut as you go

Robert Rodriguez explains when filming El Mariachi that he wouldn’t waste film but instead used as much as he could from one shot and then set up the next shot from there.

This made his footage look like he was using multiple cameras, instead of just the one, by changing angles and perspective.

You can watch the rest of Rodriguez’ Ten Minute Film School tutorial on how he made El Mariachi for $7,000 USD here.

Mr Saladino’s effortless work here really shines a light on what future amateur filmmakers can learn from directors. For these tips and a bunch more, check out the video essay above.

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Check out more of Mr Saladino’s tips on his YouTube channel, which you can support here.