GoPro and cycling legend Danny MacAskill reveal a little of what went into the making of the amazing “Cascadia” video of biking across the highest rooftops of Gran Canaria


It started with a jaw-dropping series of balances and stunts, and ended with a man on a bike flipping himself forward into the ocean.

Yes, last month we shared the amazing “Cascadia” GoPro rooftop video featuring Danny MacAskill, and we’re still picking our jaws off the floor. Before we go any further it’s pretty necessary that you watch the original video below.

Unless you suffer from vertigo (Technically its acrophobia – Ed). If that is the case, then definitely don’t watch it. Otherwise go for it.

Suitably flabbergasted all over again? Well, GoPro and MacAskill have seen fit to give us another treat in the form of a behind-the-scenes video showing how one section, the Yellow School Backflip, was put together.

Shot once again entirely on the Hero 4 camera, the video shows the team scouting the location, laying down the lines and preparing for the shoot by constructing ramps and landings for MacAskill to romp all over.

It also shows MacAskill preparing himself for the job – one of the best parts comes early on when he surveys a gap that he’s going to launch himself over, and comments with characteristic understatement that actually it does look quite scary now that he comes to think about.

You can watch the video below. It’s a fascinating six minutes and, as is pretty much standard with anything from the official GoPro account, it’s shot beautifully. The colours especially make Gran Canaria look absolutely beautiful. Almost enough to make you want to romp around on the rooftops on a bicycle and do front flip off a cliff.