New 7-inch monitor/recorder offers 4K 60p recording with selected cameras


Atomos has announced that its Shogun Inferno 4K monitor/recorder is now shipping, with the standout feature being its ability to record 4K 60p footage from selected cameras using Apple ProRes or Avid DNxH codecs.

According to Atomos the Shogun Inferno – which it says is, ‘the world’s most advanced monitor/recorder’ – should deliver high frame rate, high-resolution recording alongside high dynamic range and high bright monitoring for ‘under $2,000 US’. Jeromy Young, CEO and co-founder of Atomos, claims: ‘We are selling tomorrow’s 4K 60p HDR technology, today – future-proofing productions at price points that every filmmaker can afford.’

At launch the Shogun Inferno will have the functionality shown below with some additional features to be implemented at regular intervals via free firmware updates.

Atomos Shogun Inferno – launch features
• 4K 60p video recording over HDMI and 12G SDI in pristine Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHR. This will work with the increasing list of 4K 60p cameras, including the Sony FS7, F55 and AX1 models and the Panasonic DVX-200, HCX1000 and UX180 cameras.
• Capture HDR Log/RAW as ProRes or DNxHR and use the 10+ stops of the AtomHDR monitor to set ‘perfect exposure’ using the log from Arri, Canon, Panasonic, Sony, JVC and Red cameras.
• 4K 30p DCI recording from the Panasonic GH4 camera over HDMI. Said to be “a huge feature request from GH4 users”, this will open up the camera to cinema applications.
• The 10-bit, high-resolution 7″ calibrated monitor has 1500nit brightness for hood-free outdoor monitoring.
• With FS Raw to ProRes/DNxHR recording up to 4K 60p Sony FS5, FS700 and FS7 users can unlock high-resolution, high frame rate recording.
• With Canon to ProRes/DNxHR recording up to 4K 30p, Canon EOS C300 Mark II and EOS C500 camera users will be able to unlock high resolution 4K recording.

First firmware update
According to Atomos within ‘four to five weeks’ there will be free firmware to add high frame rate recording for Sony’s FS5, FS700 and FS7 cameras. Users of these cameras will already be able to record RAW to ProRes/DNxHR up to 4K 60p but the firmware will add HD/2K 100p, 120p, 200p and 240p recording capability.

Features to come
Following that initial firmware update Atomos has promised it will continue to release OS updates every four to five weeks to add in the remaining features, including those announced at the IBC show in September 2016. In order of priority these are said to be:
• RAW recording for Sony FS-series, Canon, Arri and Panasonic LT.
• HLG in/out to broaden compatibility with playback on HDR screens and as a HDR input for mobile grading.
• QuadLink SDI for connection with cameras that have multiple 1.5/3G or single 6/12G without the need for converters.
• Scheduled playlist to schedule playout for live events, in-store demonstration etc.

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