We announce the winner of the second round of our Amateur Filmmaker of the Year competition and, with one round to go, we update the league table!

With the theme of ‘Time’ open for interpretation there was a wide variety of different videos, using a huge amount of different techniques and narrative devices. As usual there were three judges, a representative from  Canon UK and Ireland, ourselves at The Video Mode and Simeon Quarrie, filmmaker and Canon Ambassador.

The judges were looking for a video that was interesting, both visually and from a narrative viewpoint, and something that showed a level of skill when it came to filming and editing. Once we had wittled down the videos to a final 10, each judged awarded 100 points for their favourite entry, 90 points for their second favorite, all the way down to 10 points for the 10th favourite video. The points from each judge were then totalled, giving everybody a final score for the round. And this time one video stood out and took maximum points from each judge!

The winning video was Dear Bath, by Conor Purcell, who uses the video to reflect on his time in Bath, and uses a variety of visual techniques to show the passage of time, including some excllent hyperlapse style footage. The result won all of our judges over! Conor will receive a Canon EOS 5D Mark III, worth £2499.99 as his prize for winning the round, and he is still in with a shout of winning the overall prize, a Canon EOS C100 II.

In second place, winning a Canon Legria Mini X, worth £329.99, is Johnathan Wilson, with his timelpase video, Precipitant. Judge Simeon Quarrie was particulalry impressed with how the audio worked with the visual footage. Congratulations to you both!

And the rest of the Top Ten….

3rd Place – Mark Rigler – Spring Revealed

4th Place – Callum Stevenson – Tommorow

5th Place – Andre Bisson – Millenial Shift

6th Place – James Dang – Night and Day

7th Place – Kamini Piaha – A Kink in the Road

8th Place – Mike Gilbert – Not Second Best

9th Place – The Cyclic Nature of Time – David Wayman

10th Place – Hollow Life – Ivan Galic

And here is that all important Leaderboard with one left to judge!

The final results of the final round will be online in the next week, when we will know who has one the very first Amateur Filmmaker of the Year Competition!


Name Round One Round Two Round Three TOTAL
Mark Rigler 260 230 490
Andre Bisson 230 170 400
Conor Purcell 0 300 300
Jonathan Scott 250 0 250
Jonathan Wiilson 0 250 250
Ella Howlett 240 0 240
James Dang 80 160 240
Callum Stevenson 0 200 200
Oliver Mueller 160 0 160
Christofer Stoffel 140 0 140
James Walker 120 0 120
Kamini Plaha 0 110 110
Mike Gilbert 0 100 100
David Wayman 0 100 100
Dominic Davies 80 0 80
Joanne Crawford 80 0 80
Ivan Galic 0 30 30