We watched all the entries and are pleased to announce the winners of the first round of our Amateur Filmmaker of the Year competition, in association with Canon.

Having spent hours watching all of the entries for the first round of our Amateur Filmmaker of The Year competition, we are very excited to be able to reveal the winners, and the league standings.

With the first round having the simple theme of ‘Nature’ there was a huge variety of different types of videos. Videos were judged by The Video Mode, Canon UK and Simeon Quarrie (@simeonquarrie), a Canon brand ambassador. Overall, the judges were looking not just for technical execution and striking visuals, but also a sense of storytelling and a video that kept us interested for its duration.


“I was impressed with the entries for the first round of the AFOY competition! It is great to see such variations in the approach to the brief. This, for me, wasn’t just about technical standard. I took narrative and story into consideration, and the ability of the video to educate or entertain and engage. Another thing I noted was the various techniques used to created the videos. I looked for the focal lengths used, the compostition of each shot, the sound and, of course, the editing. I’m always interested to in seeing an alternative point of view or approach to a video”

Simeon Quarrie

Videographer and Canon Brand Ambassador

Once we were down to the final 10 videos, each of the three judges awarded points for their favorite videos. 100 points was the award for a judge’s favorite video, and 10 points for the least, and with three judges, there was a maximum of 300 points available.

The theme for the next round is Time, and there is still plenty of time to enter. If you entered and are low down in the league, then don’t worry, there are two more rounds and a maximum of a possible 600 points up for grabs, so it is still possible to win the individual rounds, as well as winning the overall grand prize. More information can be found here. 

So, without further ado, here is the league table after Round 1, and the winning and runners-up video.

WINNER: Mark Rigler – Orchids in Motion
Mark wins a Canon EOS 7D Mark II, worth £1499.99

Runner-Up:  Johnathan Scott – Dartmoor – The Beauty of Light
Johnathan wins a Canon Legria Mini X, worth £329.99

3rd – Ella Howlett – What the Forest Means to Me

4th  – André Bisson – Dragons

5th – Oliver Mueller – The Wagtails Tale

6th – Cristopher Stoffel – Forest of Buildings

7th – James Walker – Isle of Benecula

8th – Joanne Crawford – Welsh Landscape

8th – James Dang – Blown in the Wind

8th – Dominic Davies – Urban Otters






Mark Rigler 260
Johnathan Scott 250
Ella Howlett 240
Andre Bisson 230
Oliver Mueller 160
Christopher Stoffel 140
James Walker 120
Joanne Crawford 80
James Dang 80
Dominic Davies 80