We announce the results of Round 3 of our Amateur Filmmaker of the Year competition, in association with Canon, which had the theme 'People' and reveal our overall winner!

After many days spent watching all of the entries for Round 3 of The Video Mode’s Amateur Filmmaker Of the Year (AFOY) 2017 competition, in association with Canon, we are delighted to reveal the winners and the top 10 films as chosen by our expert judging panel. This also means we have the final results for the overall Amateur Filmmaker of the Year, so keep on reading to find out who has won the coveted title…

Round 3 of had the theme ‘People’ and there was a great deal of creative variety and subject matter in the videos entered; from documentary-style shorts shot in Africa and Italy to animations and surreal storytelling with a fairytale twist.

The judging process
All of the videos entered for Round 3 were watched by a judging panel made up of award-winning filmmaker and photographer Simeon Quarrie (an Explorer in Canon’s Ambassadors Programme) and representatives from Canon UK and The Video Mode. The panel was looking for strong storytelling, creativity, technical execution and striking visuals in films that could skilfully hold the viewer’s attention throughout.

After whittling the entries down to a shortlist of the best 10 videos, each of the three judges awarded points for their favourite videos. 100 points were awarded for each judge’s favourite video, and 10 points for the least so, with three judges, a maximum of 300 points were available. To find out the results of Round 3 and the final AFOY 2017 league table check out the results below…

Round 3 results…
So, without any further hesitation, here are the videos of the winning entry and the first runner-up in Round 3 of AFOY 2017, plus how the final overall AFOY 2017 league table stands after all three rounds of the competition…

Round 3 WINNER: Jamie Unwin – Stand Up For Nature

Jamie wins a Canon EOS 5D Mark III DSLR with a Canon EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM zoom lens – a prize that’s worth a cool £3,199!

Round 3 Runner-Up: Roman Maksikov – Follow the Dream

Roman wins a Canon Directional Mic DM-E1, worth £274.99!

3rd – Ella Howlett – Palio Di Siena: Italy’s Oldest Horse Race

4th – Jean-Francois Rodriguez – Charles Seber

5th – Samuel Hall – My Angel

6th – Richard Stevenson – Sturton Stride 2016

7th – Jordan Masheder – Chasing Cars

8th – Kaushal Shah – Lost Souls

9th – Mark Rigler – A Woman Ambles Along A Quay…

10th – Andrew Price – Can’t Live With Him…


“It was really great to see the diverse approach to creative briefs set for the three rounds of this competition. My hope is that this competition really helped to give applicants the confidence to get out and shoot based on a creative brief. The Video Mode’s AFOY created a great opportunity to showcase existing talent and those who use the competition to develop and grow their skill and talent.

I wasn’t judging this on technical skill but the approach to the theme and the use of storytelling. I was looking for creatives that kept me watching and videos that made me feel or learn something.

I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to pick up their cameras and create. Each video I saw showed considerable effort. It was particularly rewarding to see entrants to the competition improve round by round.”

SIMEON QUARRIE (Head Judge, Amateur Filmmaker of the Year 2017)
Top filmmaker, photographer and Canon Explorer




Points/Final Position

Ella Howlett 780 – 1st
Jon Scott 390 – 2nd
Richard Stevenson 350 – 3rd
Kaushal Shah 320 – 4th
Walter Chang, Edward Midgley & Jamie Unwin* 270 – *joint 5th
Marios Panaioptopoulos 260 – 8th
Roman Maksikov 250 – 9th
Jean-Francois Rodriguez 220 – 10th


And the winner is…
As you can see from the table above this means that after three keenly contested rounds the overall winner, with most cumulative points and recipient of the prestigious title ‘Amateur Film-maker of the Year 2017’, is Ella Howlett! Ella is the deserved winner after submitting three consistently creative and superb films that caught the eyes of the judging panel in every round. As well taking the title ‘Amateur Filmmaker of the Year 2017’ Ella has also won the overall equipment prize of a Canon EOS C100 Mark II digital cinema camera with a Canon EF24-105mm zoom lens – a prize worth £4,625 on its own!


“Ella’s Howlett’s work really stood out to me. She has a clear style. A consistent approach and structured narrative. The work also showed patience and determination at every stage of the production. From the pre-production to the actual filming and, finally, editing.”

SIMEON QUARRIE (Head Judge, Amateur Filmmaker of the Year 2017)
Top filmmaker, photographer and Canon Explorer

To see the quality of Ella’s work for yourself just click on the play buttons in the three video windows below to watch the short movies that have won her the title of The Video Mode’s ‘Amateur Filmmaker of the Year 2017’, in association with Canon. Ella was never outside of the top three places in each of the three rounds of AFOY 2017 so it’s only fitting that she has won the top prize and the title!