The man behind the opening titles for the recent James Bond films offers his filmmaking advice for those starting out

When you make the switch from shooting still images to making films, it can be difficult to know what to shoot. However, as Daniel Kleinman says, it is all about the story…

‘Filmmaking is story telling. So don’t think of the technique first. Think of the story first, then think of the technique that is going to bring this story to life’

Daniel Kleinman

We were fortunate to be able to speak to Daniel recently and we asked him about his essential advice for those starting out. If you don’t know about Daniel, he is the man behind the opening credits for the recent James Bond films, including the latest release, SPECTRE. However, whether it is a whole film, the opening credits or a TV advertisment, the key is always remembering that there has to be a narrative and a story to tell to keep the audience engaged.

Watch him speak about how he shoots the opening titles to the James Bond films here

Daniel is also known for shooting TV commercials, and both worlds collided recently when he shot the Sony ‘Made For Bond’ TV commercial, featuring Moneypenny herself, Naomie Harris.

Listen to Daniel speak about shooting the commercial on London’s busy Southbank